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Slow Website Is Killing Your Business

Published September 29th, 2020 7:14 am

You had built your website and expected to receive more customers, hence more sales. You advertised and got traffic to your website but yielded no leads. The next thing that came to your mind that my business did not mean for online media or that you need to get your website re-designed so that it converts visitors into customers.


A problem cannot always have the same reason.


In the above situation, the reason for not getting sales leads was the slow speed of the website.




Nobody told me that!


All I knew before was that I need to get a website for my business so I can increase my sales and generate more profit !!


We all will agree that we have always preferred a website that loads quickly.


53% of mobile users will leave a web page if it takes more than three seconds to load, says 2018 research by Google


Google has announced “Site Speed” to be the ranking factor.


Slow page load times can lead a visitor to leave your website, potentially before the content has even loaded, to seek information elsewhere. Bing may view this as a poor user experience and an unsatisfactory search result. Faster page loads are always better, but webmasters should balance absolute page load speed with positive, useful user experience. – Bing Webmaster Guidelines 2020



If the visitor leaves the website before viewing two pages, it signals Google as a potential performance issue due to which it penalizes the website and lowers down the rank on the search engine. We are most likely to visit only the first few websites that appear on the results page. Our website must rank on top of search pages in this highly competitive space to get traffic. Losing traffic will automatically result in lesser sales.


Website Speed Optimization is the last step in website development and is mostly overlooked by many freelancers or agencies who are providing you the website development service. A slow website will exasperate your customers, and they will leave the website without completing a purchase.


If you are facing the slow speed issues on your website, get in touch with our experts for a FREE WEBSITE SPEED REVIEW.

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